Aspect of Sustainable Development

You and your team are policymakers working in the country office of the World Bank in China. You are tasked to write a report to convince the World Bank that investing in the protection, conservation and construction of wetlands in China is essential for the sustainable development of the economy. Writing this report could help determine if the World Bank would loan out money to the Chinese government for wetland conservation. Using what you have learned in the class, write a report highlighting the importance of wetlands in attaining sustainable development for China.
Be sure to incorporate all the discussion points below. You may also research and cite other studies in your report. If you do so, include a complete citation of the study.

Please put the question first and then answer the question afterward.

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Aspect of Sustainable Development
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1. One common mantra of politicians is to “let the market work on its own”. When we talk about the optimal area of wetlands, why is it that government intervention may be needed in this market system?

2. The World Bank aid is contingent on local government participation. Discuss the policy options that the local government can employ to achieve a sustainable level of wetlands. Discuss in detail how revenue can be raised to preserve and conserve the optimal area of wetlands.

3. Since sustainable development is the goal of the project, identify tangible indicators that show that the World Bank investment is progressing towards sustainable development.

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