Artificial intelligence: Intelligent systems

This assignment requires 2 files: assignement528_1.txt and assignement528_2.txt. The former contains the labeled data consisting of 8 columns of numbers and a ninth column called the result. The second file contains only the 8 columns. Your task is to predict the result of those 8 columns i.e. the value of the ninth column. Note that this is not a direct curve fitting task because the result is affected by noise and cannot exactly be predicted from the 8 columns alone. Details: 1) Choose an appropriate algorithm from the lecture to solve this problem. 2) Implement the algorithm using your favourite programming language. 3) Using your implemented algorithm predict the result for the every row in the file assignement528_2.txt. Deliverables: A. Source code for the implemented prediction algorithm.[10 marks] B. A document describing your solution. This document must contain: B.1 A description of the algorithm you used (flow diagram or pseudocode).[20 marks] B.2 A brief justification of why you chose the algorithm you chose.[10 marks] B.3 An estimation of the accuracy of the predictions of your algorithm, including a description of how you split your labeled data into a test set and a training set.[30 marks] B.4 A table showing the predicted 8 columns assignement528_2.txt and the value you predicted for them.[30 marks]

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Artificial intelligence: Intelligent systems
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