Article Readings“Home Free?” and “Let Them Eat Cash”

Article Readings“Home Free?” and “Let Them Eat Cash”

Write your response in an essay with an introduction, body paragraphs that develop on your thesis, and a conclusion. Make use of both paraphrase and direct quotes, giving attribution to the author when using direct quotes.

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Article Readings“Home Free?” and “Let Them Eat Cash”
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Writing Prompt



In “Home Free?” and “Let Them Eat Cash,” James Surowiecki and Christopher Blattman discuss methods used to help people experiencing homelessness. Write an essay in which you:

Identify which author’s argument you find to be more convincing.
Use textual evidence to explain each author’s point of view.
Making specific references to critical writing skills that you have learned this semester, reflect on which author makes a stronger argument.
Looking back on these and the many other readings that you have come across this semester, write a conclusion paragraph on what you think makes for good persuasive writing.

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