Article analysis

a. Make notes while reading regarding word choices, organization, the central point, thesis, development of ideas
b. Research information on the author and on plagiarism sites
c. Use one of the suggested thesis patterns discussed earlier this semester
d. You are not agreeing/disagreeing with the article. You are analyzing it.
e. Remember to put in your Writing Reflection
f. Minimum required sources: You must use the original article and two others sources which discuss the author and background information.
g. At least one quote, one paraphrase, one summary must be used in the essay, and they must be must be correctly documented and cited.
h. The essay is due at your assigned WWG time.
1. Do not rely on personal opinion. Whether of not you “like” the essay is not at issue.

2. The introduction should include: strong opening sentence, title of the article, author ‘s name, brief summary of the article –including the author’s main point–, and your thesis (consult the templates discussed in class if necessary).

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3. Body paragraphs should focus on the analysis: consider audience, language, organizational pattern, thesis/theme and how these rhetorical strategies support the point the author is trying to make.

4. Concluding paragraph should answer the question “So what?” — in other words, why is reading the article important

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