Art Picasso’s Artworks

This is an extra credit assignment to examine artistic production/output. We’ll start with Picasso, but others are just as interesting (look down to the end of this prompt).

Picasso was famous for a lot of reasons. He co-invented Cubism (with Georges Braque), one of the most influential and important art movements of the modern era. His name comes to mind whenever anyone thinks about Abstract Art.

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Art Picasso’s Artworks
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He is a stereotypical “tortured artist”: A volcanic creative force, he was also notoriously hard on women and friends: a long list of difficult relationships. He was so successful that he spent the second half of his life in a mansion by the seaside. But did he kick back, relax, and enjoy life?

No. He spent his entire life, right up to the end, creating artworks: paintings, drawings, tapestries, ceramics, sculptures, etchings, lithographs, collages–– you name it, he explored it. He couldn’t stop. You could say he was obsessed. So he is renowned for a massive ouevre, he produced a huge number of works.

So, how many works of art did he make?

You’ll find that historians disagree. Your assignment here is to do a bit of research: Look up at least four websites that count the number of works he made. You will find that they disagree. Some will count only his paintings, but neglect the plates and dishes he painted. some will count his sculptures and others not. (Why the heck not? Are sculptures not artworks?) The number of prints of his work that were published is literally uncountable: Some websites won’t bother to even mention them, others will come up with a wide range of guesses.

So, report on your four or more websites, and compare the numbers. Then you decide: Which authority do you believe, and why?

I’ll grant 10 points extra credit for reporting on the basic four; more for including more sites, or for particularly insightful analysis.

MORE POINTS will be granted if you check out the oeuvres of other artists you admire: Vincent Van Gogh. Georgia O’Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Leonardo da Vinci, John Singer Sargent, Andrew Wyeth, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Rubens, Salvador Dalí, Mr. Brainwash… Pick any artist and try to get a fair count of their output. Any observations you make about these artists, and the numbers they created, are welcome.

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