Art Experience

It is time to visit an art museum! If we were meeting in person, this would be an in-person visit*, & most major cities have an art museum; for our online class, the visit can be a virtual tour! You will virtually visit a visual art museum to view exhibits & reflect on 1. the overall experience as well as 2. a focused experience with one work of art. Your visit must be from this current semester (do not write about a previous visit prior to this course unless you want to re-visit a museum you have been to in person before).

GUIDELINES: tips & how to get started 1. Plan your tour: research what museums / galleries you have

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Art Experience
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available; use the list provided (you can go off-listing if you check with the instructor). is fine to use IF you tour an actual art museum: google lets you streetview through several art museums around the world! – this does NOT include one of their articles about artworks).

2. Link to main official list: galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours

3. View the entire museum exhibit(s) – permanent collection &/or temporary exhibits. Describe this. 4. Choose one work of art to focus your essay about. Follow the DAIJ format (explained below). 5. Resources as keys to success!: 1. Follow the Content Structure below to write your paper. 2. Read

the rubric to see how it will be graded. 3. Look at the supplemental file “Art Crit Step-by-Step” for a lengthy detailed approach of what to include if you like hints & prompts (if this is overwhelming, don’t use it; it’s meant to walk people through details they might not have considered).

6. Format: Write a 1000-1200 word count paper (about 2-4p). The paper should be typed, double- spaced, using a clear professional 12-point font. Your name, date, & paper title should be at the top, page numbers at the bottom, word count at the end.