Aristotle’s Concept of Entelechy

1. According to Aristotle, what were the four causes of things?

2. Discuss Aristotle’s concept of entelechy.

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Aristotle’s Concept of Entelechy
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3. Describe Aristotle’s concept of scala naturae, and indicate how that concept justifies a comparative psychology.

4. Discuss Aristotle’s concept of soul. Discuss the relationship among sensory experience, common sense, passive reason, and active reason within Aristotle’s psychology.

5. Summarize Aristotle’s views on imagination and dreaming.


6. Discuss Aristotle’s views on happiness. What, for him, provided the greatest happiness? What characterized the life lived in accordance with the golden mean?

7. Discuss Aristotle’s views on emotions.

8. In Aristotle’s philosophy, what was the function of the unmoved mover?

9. Describe the laws of association that Aristotle proposed.

10. Summarize the reasons Greek philosophy was important to the development of Western civilization.

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