Argumentative Essay regarding Covid

Attached is the beginning to my argumentative essay regarding Covid. Here are the instructions; We argue all the time, don’t we? We have our own views and opinions on most any topic. We debate, discuss, and try to get our point across. We listen to other views to decide if we agree with them, and we usually want proof that those views are valid. Written argument has some of the same goals. Here are the guidelines for the argument you will write in English 111: 1. Your task is to write a 1,500-2,000 word argumentative paper that focuses on a debatable social issue. * Include the following elements within the paper: a. An introduction paragraph that engages the reader (hook), provides context (background information), and presents an debatable thesis with a solid claim and sound arguments. (ACT Attention Grabber, Context, and Thesis) b. Background in the introduction paragraph that provides information to the readers in order to understand the issue. Background can include definition of key terms, explanation of key people associated with the issue, or perhaps necessary historical background. Those are just examples. c. Body paragraphs dedicated to the explanation of each argument that was presented in the thesis along with a discussion of the solution for the issue (dedicate 1-2 paragraphs to the solution and researched support for that solution). Arrangement of your arguments must follow the order established in thesis, and the order must be arranged with intent – stronger arguments need to outshine weaker ones. Depending on the length and degree of the argument, it is possible that one argument could require two body paragraphs. Body paragraphs will always begin with solid topic sentences and then move onto provide evidence from sources in the form of direct quotes, summary, or paraphrase. Inclusion of source material always requires an in-text citation as credit has to be given to the person responsible for the original idea. Analysis always follows the evidence as it is your task to explain how the evidence supports the point being made. The closing sentence in the body paragraph summarizes the discussion. Follow the MEAL plan to build solid body paragraphs. Please note you are capped at two lines of quoted material per page. Two lines, not two sentences. d. 1-2 body paragraphs that present each counterargument to your paper’s primary argument (1-2 counterarguments should be sufficient). e. A conclusion paragraph that briefly restates (not repeats) the thesis and reviews the paper’s key points and, more importantly, offers either a call to action on the part of the reader or a prediction of what could happen if the issue is not addressed (or both) 2. You must include a separate works cited page formatted to MLA standards. A minimum of five sources are required. All sources must come from the FTCC online library or any other library you have access to (look for journal articles) – no exceptions. Papers that do not include both in-text citations and a Works Cited page will earn a zero – no exceptions. 3. The paper must be written in 3rd person. The paper is not about you or the reader, so remove yourself and the reader from the text. 4. Review the SafeAssign report before you walk away from your submission (submit the file, wait a few minutes, and then review the report once it’s ready). Plagiarized papers will earn a zero. You can find the FTCC plagiarism policy under the “FTCC Policies” link in Blackboard. When my instructor returned my paper she said there is not enough research on covid so to discuss about past pandemics and how we recovered from them. Johnisha, please review the memo template I shared with this class. You needed to use it for this assignment. What is the primary argument you want to make? COVID19 is a relatively new virus, so you may have to include information about other viruses to support your claims. Your discussion targets the black community – will that be the focus of your argument? Use open-ended research questions. What thesis statement will you focus on? –PW ENG111 Topic Proposal Memo Rubric Points Possible Points Earned Content : Proposal memo template is successfully used to discuss your topic choice and justifies your interest in the topic; it explains how/why the topic matters and what you hope your discussion/argument will accomplish; it explains how your topic is debatable, plausible, and consequential; it includes a working research question and thesis statement. 40 30 Style and Mechanics: The style is appropriate to the assignment, and sentences are clear and concise. Project is free of serious errors; grammar, punctuation, and spelling help to clarify the meaning by following accepted conventions of Standard American English. 10 7 Total: 50 37