Architecture: Urban Issues Case Studies Report

In this final project, you are required to compare between American cities and Foreigner cities to highlight how different they are in term of dealing with the similar issues and/or the results/consequences of these issues. In each urban issue, the report needs to present a good/successful case study and a bad/failure case study to make a comparable connection with similar urban issue. Please take American cities as a bad/failure case studies and show how we can learn from Foreigner cities in dealing with similar urban issues. In this report, you choose 2 urban issues (issue #1 and issue #2) then with each issue, there are 2 cities (1 American city and 1 Foreigner city) will be presented. The total number is 4 different cities (2 American cities and 2 Foreigner cities) With EACH issue, the report needs to present the following content: – General information about the urban issue (what is it? Why did you choose it? how important/serious it is, …) – Urban issue in an American city (how does this issue in a city develop, what are the consequences, how does this city cope with the issue, …) – Urban issue in Foreigner city (…[similar content structure as presented in American city]…) – A paragraph of conclusion, comparing two cities with chosen urban issue. Content Before writing a report, you must fill-in the table and place it in the beginning of the report to summarize what urban issues and which cities you are working on: Illustration is required to enrich the content of the report. Illustration includes map, diagram, table, bar chart, pie chart, pictures, … Some guiding questions for urban issues including: What are the issues? How are they formed? What are the reasons/ contributors to the issues? How serious are the issues? What are the city/government solutions? How do they work? What are the results? … If possible, please put your thoughts on these additional concerns: If these issues remain, how are they going to impact the city in the future? How other cities react to similar issues? What can be done differently? … The chosen urban issue should be detailed enough for the analysis. It should not be general such as economic, housing, or transportation. Here are examples of the topics you can choose from: • Environment (Water, Air, Sanitation, etc.); •; • Social (Refugee, Equity, Immigrant, etc.); • Recreation (Park development, green infrastructure, Open space, etc.) • • Natural Disasters (Flooding, Wildfire, Drought, etc.) • Development (Sprawl, Downtown redevelopment, Gentrification, etc.) • Energy (Renewable energy, Oil, Coal, Electricity, etc.) • … Format • 2500 – 3000 words (excluding Reference and/or Table of Content) PDF format. • Text: size 12 font, single or double spacing, normal margin • Illustrations (images, figures, tables, graphs, diagrams, etc.): 25% of the report • Text: 75% of the report • Citation style (in-text and Reference): APA