Arbitration hearing process

Two separate discussions:

Review the legalistic approach and problem-solving approach during the arbitration hearing process. Then, develop two approaches that an organization could use to make the typical arbitration procedure more effective than either of these approaches.

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Arbitration hearing process
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  • Review good faith bargaining.
  • Discuss the major advantages and major disadvantages of your approaches.
  • Provide your rationale for each approach. Research Priorities and Resources (Ch 22 attached)
  • Please respond to the following:
    • The course has covered a wide variety of talent management topics, and Chapter 22 highlights several ways to view the future of talent management. Review the talent management topics covered so far in this course. Prioritize five of these topics and locate one potential resource for each using the Strayer Library. For instance, for the topic of equity-based pay, you might select the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance as a resource to gain more data about this topic. List your five selected topics and resources, and provide a rationale as to why you selected these topics.