Appropriate Social Network Post or Not

During the Lesson of this Module, you were presented with the scenario “Appropriate Social Network Post or Not?”

Emily is a nurse working on the cardiac stepdown unit, and she heads to the cafeteria for lunch. While in the cafeteria, Emily runs into her neighbor, Stacey, who is visiting her son, a patient in the hospital on another unit. Stacey confides in Emily that her 24-year-old son, Jeffrey, is undergoing treatment to diagnose whether or not he has lymphoma and that “they are all so frightened about what the tests may reveal.” When Emily gets home, she logs in to Facebook and posts to Stacey’s wall that she “is so sorry to hear about Jeff’s health and that we are all pulling for him to receive a clean bill of health. I hope you will consider consulting Dr. George to evaluate him.”

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Appropriate Social Network Post or Not
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Should healthcare providers be fired for posting information such as this in a public forum? Or, is that too harsh? Why? Why not? Be sure to include the rationale to support your stance on this topic.


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