Approaches to Sociological Research

Approaches to Sociological Research

1. The 1st step of the scientific method: a. Collect and analyze data b. Summarize the articles c. Ask a question about a topic d. Create a hypothesis

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Approaches to Sociological Research
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2. A measurement is considered ________ if it actually measures what it is intended to measure, according to the topic of the study. a. reliable b. sociological c. valid d. quantitative


3. Sociological studies test relationships in which change in one ________ causes change in another. a. test subject b. behavior c. variable d. operational definition

4. In a study, a group of ten-year-old boys are fed doughnuts every morning for a week and then weighed to see how much weight they gained. Which factor is the dependent variable? a. The doughnuts b. The boys c. The duration of a week d. The weight gained

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