Application and Interpretation of Public Health Data

Statistics is an important component of public health. Explain the relevance of statistics in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a health promotion intervention. How do you envision using statistics in your current or future career?

Describe the difference between quantitative and qualitative methods. Explain how each are used in public health.

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Application and Interpretation of Public Health Data
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Read Chapter 1 in Using and Interpreting Statistics: A Practical Text for the Behavioral, Social, and Health Sciences.

View “The Human Insights Missing From Big Data,” by Wang (2016), located on the TED website.


Read “Statistics and Public Health at CDC,” by Sieber, Green, and Williamson (2006), located on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.


View “Why You Should Love Statistics,” by Smith (2017), located on the YouTube website.


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