INSTRUCTIONS – Documentary Response to Evolution Ep 6: Minds Big Bang.

Watch the entire documentary. Then choose two aspects of the documentary that you find the most interesting. Write a short summary of each part and then write your reaction to those two parts. To help you get started on your reaction, ask yourself why did you find this interesting.

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Your total document should be about 400 words for a total of 4 paragraphs. Type your work in a Word document. After you have proofread your work and completed a spell and grammar check.

Here is a template:

Paragraph 1: Summary (approximately 100 words)

Paragraph 2: Reaction to the above summary (approximately 100 words)

Paragraph 3: Summary (approximately 100 words)

Paragraph 4: Reaction to the above summary (approximately 100 words)

Evolution Ep 6: Minds Big Bang (Approx.1 hour)