Another Evening at the Club Reflection

Another Evening at the Club Reflection


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Another Evening at the Club Reflection
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Here, again, the title is significant. Another clearly shows that something is repetitive


club is often restrictive in some manner. It might be political, social, financial. religious, or a special interest.  But it walls some out and binds some together.


What is evident in this story is how often the female is a product to be sold, disposed of, disenfranchised, devalued. This type of scenario is sufficiently common that it speaks to pervasive hypocrisy and manipulation.


A “schoolgirl” must leave education that she loves to marry “up.”

  • She is told to lie to protect her husband’s name.  She soon learns not to reveal her true feelings to her husband.
  • She is a faithful Muslim, and yet she must consume alcohol.
  • Perhaps if Samia had not been so fearful, she might have been calm enough to find the ring.
  • Perhaps if she did not have to yield to control, she could have avoided drinking alcohol.
  • Remember how afraid of his physical power over her she was?

A woman from another economic tier is accused, struck, arrested, and interrogated with probable physicality.  Her hope for meaningful employment is stolen from her. Her finances are so restricted that moving from the area and starting new employment are doubtful.


When asked why some men in these cultures marry very young girls, the response is that they can be trained.  Life has not taught them much; so, they think abusive treatment is the norm.


When the windows open that there are other ways of living, things change.