Analyzing Your Speech Situation

Before giving your speech, it’s smart to scope out the speech location if at all possible (many times it won’t be). In any public speaking situation, you will have to consider the physical arrangement of the audience in the space before you can make decisions about what to do or say. It’s a good idea to think about where and when you’ll be giving your presentation in order to get a sense of what is and is not possible to say and do. In short: analyzing the speech space and knowing when you will be speaking can give you a lot of useful information for preparing for your speech.

Sometimes the size of your speech location will impose limits on what you can say or do; for example, a small chapel would make it difficult for you to do an interpretive dance as part of your eulogy. If you have to speak in a large room or auditorium, dramatic body movements would work well, but you will want to find out if you will have access to a microphone. In most cases, it’s useful to know the physical possibilities and limitations of where you will be speaking before you prepare a speech.

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Analyzing Your Speech Situation
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