Analyzing Your Audience

Please familiarize yourself with these key terms from Chapter 6 “Analyzing the Audience” in your textbook: audience-centeredness, demographic audience analysis, and situational audience analysis


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Analyzing Your Audience
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  1. The textbook says that a good public speaker should be “audience centered.” Using the definition from the textbook, explain what that means. Why is it so important to be audience centered at ALL stages of the speechmaking process (before your speech, during your speech, and after your speech)?


  1. From Chapter 6 in your textbook, briefly define “demographic audience analysis” and “situational audience



  1. You have been asked to give a speech about “being in the military” to a group of 25 kindergarteners (roughly 5 years old, equal mix of female and male students.) These children do not have parents in the military so everything “military” is brand new to them. You will be telling us how this demographic shapes how you would approach your presentation. Assume you have complete control to do whatever you see fit during your presentation.  (Even if you are a civilian or a dependent you can still give your thoughts on what you think you’d say and do.)

Please discuss what you would do with each of the following:

-Your eye contact

-How you would use your voice

-How you would use your body (posture/stance/gestures)/ personal appearance

-Content (vocabulary/language you would choose and/or not choose)

-The actual presentation (for example: what time of day you would give it, what is the ideal length of the

presentation, would you use visual aids or not (if so what kinds: PowerPoint presentation with text, objects,



  1. Advertising revolves around analyzing a target audience. Ads are very expensive and there is only so much space on a page to try to capture the consumer’s attention. Bold words are often used to draw us in. There are 3 advertisements down below. Choose ONLY ONE of the ads to critique. Then discuss: who is the audience the advertisement is targeted towards? Paint a DETAILED picture of the person this ad is trying to reach and why. Touch on the demographic information of the audience. For example: men or women or both and why, what age group and why (child, teen, adult, senior), what kind of income level and why, and how does this person think/ what kind of personality traits or characteristics does this person have. Feel free to touch on how the ad uses both words/text and visuals to help you come to your conclusion.

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