Analyze Organizational Leadership Theories

Using a compare/contrast format, analyze leadership theories. You will choose 4 theories from the following: Great Man, Trait, Behavior/Skill, Power/Influence, Contingency, or Integrative.

Use APA headings and in-text citations to support your academic writing style. Use, cite, and reference information from the weekly resources as well as your independent exploration.

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Analyze Organizational Leadership Theories
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As you analyze the four theories, be sure to address:

  • Do the theories have similar strengths?
  • Do the theories have similar challenges?
  • How are the theories similar and different from the basic viewpoint?
  • In what situations might the theory(s) be more useful?
  • In what situation might the theory(s) use be challenging?

Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pages

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