Analyze foreshadowing atticus shooting Tim Johnson

1) Review the forms of foreshadowing. Concrete foreshadowing: A material item is shown so that the reader or viewer will remember it for later (e.g., the kitchen knives shown early in the horror film). Word choice: The author might clue you in to what type of story this is through word choice. (Why did the author describe the ocean as blood red instead of wine red?) Direct foreshadowing: A knowledgeable source tells you exactly what is going to happen. Flashback / flash forward: The author interrupts the timeline to inform the reader. Symbolism: Imagine a gangster movie that starts with a bunch of rats killing each other in an alley; they all die. The filmmaker started this way to give you a clue. Red Herring: A red herring is misleading foreshadowing. The author wants you to guess wrongly. Many readers think that these fishy clues stink. 2) Choose an example to analyze. ❏ The kids’ mission to the Radley House ❏ Waiting for the verdict of the trial ❏ Atticus shooting Tim Johnson ❏ Bob Ewell attacking Scout and Jem Pixabay image by Ionstarot0 ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER, CHOOSE AN EXAMPLE TO ANALYZE FORESHADOWING. THEN IDENTIFY THE TYPE OF FORESHADOWING YOUR EXAMPLE USES. IN A COMPLETE, 8 SENTENCE PARAGRAPH, EXPLAIN YOUR FINDINGS!