Analysis and Discussion: Opportunities of Online Retailing of Luxury Products

In the primary research, manufacturers explained how the retail marketing had presented them with a good opportunity to expand their customer base. Manufacturer noted that one of the benefits of online retailing was that they were able to promote their products across the world. Additionally, online retailing had reduced some of the expensive procedures that manufacturers had to undergo to expand their market presence. The consumers noted one of the benefits of online retailing as the ability to access and purchased new products including some of the best fashion clothes worn by international celebrities.  According to the experts in the manufacturing industry of luxury and fashion products explains that online retailing is a debatable topic and depends on how online retailing is conducted.  From the response of the consumers and industry experts, it shows that the online retailing of luxury products provides both opportunities and risks. From the primary research, it also came out clear that the luxury industry has been infiltrated by many sellers because of its attractiveness. The high infiltrations has led to the fall of the general price of luxury products and……..

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