American Identities

Directions: This discussion is in two parts, and you will not be able to see what others have written until you post first. Don’t forget to respond to a classmate’s question–this is the major task of the assignment!

First, think of what issues the readings raised for you, or that one reading did, and ask a thoughtful question that might prompt equally thoughtful discussion from your classmates. Post that question without answering it.

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American Identities
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Second, once you see the questions others have written, choose one to answer or respond to another person’s answer to a question (agree, disagree, add to that specific discussion). You can answer or respond more than once if you like. You should write a total of no less than 250 words for your response.

As usual, do not use other sources besides our readings/viewings for ideas or language. Doing so will mean a zero/0 on the assignment (I’ve been handing out a few of those lately, and I don’t want to!)

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