Alternate Perspective Speech


Select a popular fairy tale, movie, or show

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Alternate Perspective Speech
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  • Imagine the perspective of another

character who sees the situation from a completely different perspective

  • Write a 2-3 minute speech
  • You can speak from any perspective . Remember the facts of the original story are likely biased in favor of the original character their perspective, so they can be adjusted within reason – the best speeches find a way to change the interpretation of events
  • Only source is the story/film • You can speak from note cards or have your story in a binder if you wish. You should make significant eye contact and will be graded on delivery and content.
  • The only restrictions are that your character should not be, and you should not be, justifying outright bigotry or misogyny or horrifically anti-social behavior. Topics must be approved by the instructor and cannot be changed. • NOTE: THIS SPEECH IS ON ZOOM!!!!!!
  • You will be required to attend the entire zoom and be a good audience member for the full time 11:15-12:35


Cinderella from the Stepmother perspective where Cinderella is the brat and the stepmother is just trying to make things work.

Lion King where Scar is the one who is beingm mistreated.

The character of Michael Scott from the office where Toby Flenderson is actually the jerk.