Algorithm and Algebra

When the study was replicated in France, another team found that Christian-sounding names had a similar value over and above Muslim-sounding names, and they could not explain the difference through other factors such as experience or education.

Fun fact: did you know that the words “algorithm” and “algebra” come from a Persian astronomer and mathematician, Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, whose last name was Latinized as Algorithmi? I suspect, given how his name would likely trigger surveillance systems today, he would cheer on algorithmic audits that are trying to prevent such biased associations!  In “The Algorithmic Rise of the ‘Alt-Right,’ Daniels writes: “There are two strands of conventional wisdom unfolding in popular accounts of the rise of the alt-right. One says that what’s really happening can be attributed to a crisis in White identity: the alt- right is simply a manifestation of the angry White male who has status anxiety about his declining social power. Others contend that the alt-right is an unfortunate eddy in the vast ocean of Internet culture. Related to this is the idea that polarization, exacerbated by filter bubbles, has facilitated the spread of Internet memes and fake news promulgated by the alt-right.

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Algorithm and Algebra
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