Albert Einstein, Letter to President Roosevelt (1939)

1. Write an essay (introduction, main points/body, conclusion) of MORE THAN 1100 words;
2. In your own words – if you must quote, count the cut-n-pasted word count of the quote AND ADD IT
TO THE 1100 word minimum requirement. 350 words in quotes means the essay should total
MORE than 1450 words.
3. Adhere to rules of English grammar, spelling and punctuation
4. Keep the phrasing in the THIRD PERSON and the tense in the past.
(“One may conclude” not “I believe”, and “They WERE” not “They ARE”
5. Citations, if given, should be formatted as FOOTNOTES or ENDNOTES, not in text. In other words,
according to The Chicago Manual of Style and NOT APA/MLA. A cover page and/or a works-cited page
are not required.

Read the first document and answer the questions that follow. The document uploaded has several options. Just read and answers the questions for 1st article.

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Albert Einstein, Letter to President Roosevelt (1939)
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