Air cargo development Strategies

Discussion chapter:

interpret data/analysis and specifically address the issues/questions that are the basis of dissertation. What does data/analysis tell you? How does subject does fit in with your theory? How does it fit in with the practices you are commenting on? What implications does your data imply? How might this all build a more complete picture of the area you have been examining which is air cargo?

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Air cargo development Strategies
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  1. An overview of the significant findings of the study
  2. A consideration of the findings in light of existing research studies
  3. A careful examination of findings that fail to support or only partially support your hypotheses
  4. Limitations of the study that may affect the validity or generalisation of the results.

Conclusions chapter

1. Explain how the OBJECTIVES have been achieved.

2. Summarise the main points from the results and show how they address your research questions

3. Give guidance of the implications of your research – who might be affected by your findings and what might the affect be?

4. Do not offer new opinions – these should all have been introduced in the Discussion and Analysis chapters of the dissertation.

5. Identify the weaknesses in your research and the limitations of your study

6. Suggest what future research might be conducted and how your study helps

7. In the same way that you should have spent time getting the opening of the introduction right try to get a convincing ending to the dissertation.