AI in Insurance fraud

A literature review is a report of published information pertaining to a topic of interest. It enables a researcher to determine what is known and what further research can be conducted. A literature review is not just a compilation of information. It includes the analysis and interpretation of the significance and implications in light of a problem that the researcher defines. A literature review may be a complete report or it may be a part of another report. In this exercise you will do the following:

Do a quick evaluation of 2-5 or more articles you wish to use for your literature review.

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AI in Insurance fraud
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Evaluate them in the following aspects:

  • Relevance to your topic of interest •

Currency of article (published 4-5 years ago preferably) or website (Is it dated?

Do not cite facts or statistics that are not dated.) •

Read each article and summarise what it says in your area of study.

Write a literature review of 500 words on your topic of interest.

Create a Literature Map for this assignment

Topic:- AI in Insurance fraud

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