Advertising and Cognitive Development

There are two significant information processing undertakings that are required by any individuals to ensure there is achievement of mature understanding of the advert message.  Firstly, such individuals are expected to make distinction of the commercial and the noncommercial substance. This means that the individuals need capacity of distinguishing the adverts from the programs (Kenway & Bullen, 2003). According to research about children, it shows that children aged between 4-5 have no capacity of distinguishing between programs and the commercials even after using the program and commercial separation devices. After children reach the age of 4-5 years, they have a typical way of perceiving category distinction between the programs and commercial by mainly on the aspect of effective or perceptual cues (Kenway & Bullen, 2003).

The other significant cognitive task that related with mature recognition of adverts is capacity of recognizing the persuasion intention of adverts and applying knowledge toward children understanding of……….

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