Advanced Composition

Seminal works are foundational works in your field. They represent major contributions by researchers, experts, and professionals. In some way, each advances knowledge/ understanding of a major topic/issue across a long span of time. Each represents some of the history of your field


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Advanced Composition
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English 302 – Advanced Composition

Professor:  Dr. Patrick


Writing Assignment Two: Evaluating Sources – Seminal/Foundational Contributors in a Discipline/Field (At least 2 scholarly sources per Contributor; 1000-1250 words; 4-5 pages, double-spaced (plus reference page)) 


This writing assignment is designed to familiarize you with the foundational texts, authors, researchers, experts, inventions, experiments, and/or theories in your field of study or in a field of study of interest to you.  It will also help you begin to understand how your field evolved and how knowledge/understanding has been developed over time.  In 4-5 pages (plus reference page), you will introduce your discipline, provide a brief chronological overview of 2-3 seminal/foundational contributors in your field (include at least 2 scholarly sources (Articles or Books) per contributor), include Primary (if possible) and/or Secondary sources for each contributor, and conclude with a paragraph linking their contributions to current knowledge building in your field.


Below is a suggested way to organize your paper:

  1. Introduction: Introduce your discipline/field of study (Business, Marketing, Computer Science, IT, Economics, Biology, etc.).  Include a brief overview of its importance to society, education, commerce, etc.  Conclude with Purpose Statement:  The purpose of this paper is to describe the contributions of……..
  2. Seminal/Foundational Contributors: Provide a brief chronological overview of the 2-3 seminal/foundational contributors in your field.  Biographical information for each contributor can begin your discussion.  Include discussion of their contribution(s) to the field from the books and articles you find (at least 2 scholarly sources per contributor – use Primary and Secondary sources).
  3. Conclusion: Write a paragraph restating contributions then linking contributions to current and future thinking in your field (knowledge building overtime).  Remember, the Conclusion must link to the Introduction.
  4. References: Include in-text citations and complete citations at end of paper for all sources used.


Suggested Subheads:

  1. Introduction of Discipline
  2. Seminal Contributors (Chronological Order to show knowledge building)

Name of Contributor 1

Name of Contributor 2

Name of Contributor 3 (if you need a third one)

  1. Conclusion (restate contributions then link Introduction to Conclusion and comment on knowledge building in field overtime)
  2. References (Style appropriate to your discipline – APA, MLA, IEEE Style)



  1. Grammar: Grammatical correctness and use of professional, scholarly language (transitions, concise wording, etc)
  2. Research: Ability to research and cite scholarly sources correctly within text and in Reference Section
  3. Writing: Clear and logical sentence and paragraph construction with appropriate transitions
  4. Organization: Overall organization (template as guide) and effective links between introduction and conclusion
  5. Readability – Can paper be easily understood by readers?