Adolescent Development

Referencing components from all parts of this module (Foundations, History, & Frameworks), respond to the following:

  • As García-Coll et al. describe, why is there no “one model fits all” when studying human development, specifically adolescent development?
    • Address foundations of developmental research, historical conceptions of adolescence, and examples of at least 2 theories presented in this module.
    • Be detailed and give examples and citations to support your statement
    • The short answer assessment portion of each module will incorporate all of the pieces you have worked with throughout the previous sections. You will be expected to use information from our course resources in order to answer the questions presented here. You are discouraged from simply Googling the prompts as you may be directed to information that is off-topic, without appropriate context, or out-of-date. Your first resources should be our course resources! These questions will require more advanced thinking and consideration to earn full credit. Make sure to support your answers with detail, data, and facts presented in the resources, along with ties to cultural and societal influences. You should also include theoretical perspectives as appropriate. You should NOT quote anything directly from any resources. Instead, you should paraphrase using your own words, and cite the source appropriately (APA citation preferred, but other citation methods will be accepted). When paraphrasing, think about how you would explain the concept or idea to a classmate or parent. Show me through your writing that you understand the ideas, not just that you can locate the concept in reading.
    • The title of the articles of Foundations part are Puberty and the Evolution of Developmental Science and Integrating an Intersectionality Lens in Theory and Research in Developmental Science. (You can directly Google search articles)
    • The articles of History and Frameworks parts are under there.
    • Please use APA format. Thank you!
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Adolescent Development
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