Active Learning Observation

Active Learning/Observation Exercise and Oral Presentation (20%) – Due 2/27
Observation is a keen skill that needs to be developed in social workers. As we work with families we are required to assess their abilities to parent their children and have positive relationships with each other. The communication between parents and children is crucial in the developing years. For this exercise you are to spend some time (at least a half hour) in a setting where you can observe adults and young children (approximately under age five) interacting. Common settings might include the mall, the grocery store, a daycare center, etc. In your observation look for evidence of behaviors that indicate attachment between infant/child and adult. Note any evidence that may indicate a lack of attachment. Use either Bowlby or Ainsworth theories of attachment as a basis for your conclusions. Write a two page reflection paper on your observations. Describe the date, time and place of your observations. Reflect on how the time of day, the setting, and the context may impact the behaviors of the infant/child and adult you observed.

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Active Learning Observation
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