ACM Human – Computer Interaction with social media

• Assignments must be prepared in double-space format, 12 pt. type (preferably Times
Roman), and should include a title page, table of contents, and reference list. All submitted
work should contain student full name and course number and term.
• APA 6th edition format is used for form and style. Provide a full citation of the article.
(Author, year, article title, journal name, volume number, issue number, page numbers.)
Be sure this is in correct APA format! Present the full citation first at the top of the page.
(Start a new page for each article review.)
• The paper must be scholarly and grounded in conceptual coherence (or translate theory or
principles) and provide a clear connection to effective practices. To accomplish this, you
must dig deep into the literature to address an identified problem area — a relevant problem
about the topic that serves as the conceptual basis for the paper. In addition, your topic, and
the organization of your paper, should start with a title of your paper on a title page and,
on a new page, an introduction that describes what the paper is about including, problem
definition and research goals or questions (what problem and what issues are you focusing
on related to the topic). The remaining part, and most detailed part of the paper, contains
an extensive Review of Literature where you are describing in detail the current and most
relevant published research about the topic. Essentially, the paper weaves throughout
current trends, theories, issues, and concepts, applications, and effective practices
related to that topic. In some cases, a depth approach to technological tools that have
impacted effective practices and UX strategy would also emerge in the paper.
• A few more tips about the paper: Once you have selected a topic, you need to focus on a
specific problem or issue related to the topic. Besides a title for the work, an introduction
should include a clear and compelling problem statement with literature
substantiation, a description of the significance of your topic, and what the proposed
research paper will cover. Present one or more research questions that will help you
organize the conceptual framework for the paper. For example, what is the goal of your
paper? Research questions could include questions like, “What are the barriers to constant
connectivity in social media? What are the positive outcomes or practical applications of
data and analytics in following trends in social media? Be creative with the questions and
be sure questions fit the scope of your topic. By giving concrete questions you will achieve
two things: you will be able to use these to help you focus throughout the paper, and you
will inform the reader (me, the Professor) how the paper will be organized.
• Current and relevant literature synthesis involves including literature sources (2017-
present) to bring support to the discussion in the paper. You must synthesize the
literature by comparing and contrasting work presented by the experts in the field of study.
The paper must conform to the format guidelines established in the APA Manual 6h or 7th
edition. Peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, and texts should be used as
sources. At least 10-15 references should be used for this paper. Web sites that are only
highly professional and peer-reviewed (such as those articles contained in formal online
journals and organizational websites) may be cited but be mindful about this.
Paper format:
1. Title page: including title of paper, author full name, full contact information, course
2. Beginning on page 2:
• Title of paper — short, but descriptive
• Abstract – no more than 100 words summarizing the paper
• Keywords — to help search optimization on the topic
3. Introduction:
• Includes problem statement and research questions
• Review of Literature –Here is where you give a thorough synthesis of the literature and
deep examination of the issues. Use section headings as appropriate to maintain
organization as you may be shifting or advancing several issues on the topic.
• Conclusions – What new research lies ahead for this topic?
• Reference List
Task description: (Be as detailed as possible)
Please use this article topic: Any other references please make sure they are articles are
current 2017 or newer and credible. Websites that are only highly professional and peer
• Use article topic attached: ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction.pdf
• 10 to 15 references needed.
• Review paper format above and example below on topic.
• Identify and explain the key concepts and applications of social media uses in industry,
education, and other professional arenas. Identify and synthesize key research literature
that discusses current trends, theories, issues, concepts, applications, and effective
practices related to a topic in social media, HCI and/or computer-mediated communication.
• To explore a topic of choice from one of the research tracks below and describe key
research literature that discusses current trends, theories, issues, and concepts, applications,
and effective practices related to that topic.
• The student will prepare a research paper that identifies and explores a significant problem
or issue in social media. This research paper requires your attention to extensive literature
research and synthesis of review.
Topic HCI:
What is HCI effect on social media?
Focus on topic but think of paper as if we were to hold a symposium on social media; using the
tracks and the descriptions as potential current research trends, the paper would focus on a specific
thread or problem area within that track. To start, pick a track, review the required readings from
the track, and in doing so, find a common and consistent topic and problem of interest to develop
into a paper. Synthesize the current and most relevant research around that specific topic and
problem area.

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