Accounting Financial Management

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: 1. Type /write your full name and student number on the top of each page. 2. The time duration for each exam is 48 hours (between the set time for opening the question paper and due date for posting the answer paper) 3. This exam is open exam, which means you may use course material, text any other relevant source. 4. Download the Excel file from Eduoasis and find the page with your name in it. 5. Use the data (South mine, North mine and East mine) provided on the Excel page with your name to answer the question 1. 6. Copy all the results from Excel to Word file, add an explanation if necessary. 7. Marks would be deducted for plagiarized work according to the plagiarism policy followed by the college and high plagiarism work could lead to fail the course. 8. Type all answers in MS Word and upload on Eduoasis. 9. Submission after allotted time will NOT be accepted. 10. This examination paper contains 3 Questions. 11. This exam accounts for 20 % of the total marks. 12. Marks for each question are given below each question