A Three Minute Performance Work

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Project 1: Verbs for a Performative Gesture; Walking, Sitting, Tossing, Leaning – a three minute Performance work. Create your performance piece considering verbs for actions in your performance work where these pedestrian movements resonates with a “story” or an “experimentation with process” for the content of this work. Include a sound for your performance.All performance projects will be performed outside in and around the Art Department Courtyard or other near by areas preapproved. We encourage you to perform the work live for class outside.If you need you can document your work on video or photos. If you choose to make photo documentation of your performance please share at least 12 images of the work.Also for this project include an Artist Statement about your work in the Course Canvas assignment.Reading your statement will be part of presenting your project. If you are presenting video or photography please include the link to the work with your Artist Statement.

Requirements: Create a five minute Google slide presentation with at least five to seven slides to present to class.

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A Three Minute Performance Work
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Your R & D presentation should include the following:

  1. Theme
  2. Project description
  3. Four found images or sketches that give us an idea of what you’ll be doing and the aesthetics of the piece.
  4. Add sound element (samples of what you may want to use)
  5. Reference an artist’s work that inspires your direction for this work. It can be an artist we surveyed in class or an artist you researched outside of class.
  6. Prepare an Artist Statement on Project 1 and share it with the class when you present the live performance on 10/12.
  7. Share a photo of your outdoor location.