3-D Printing Project

3-D Printing Project 

  • Due Monday by 11:59pm
  • Points 40
  • Submitting a file upload
  • Available until Sep 20 at 11:59pm

In this critical thinking module you learned how to follow Bloom’s Taxonomy to create a 3D printed design that is both useful and functional. For this assignment you will submit TWO files – a word document and a 3D design file.

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3-D Printing Project
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A 3D printer with a design that reads 3D printing on it.

In a Word document, submit a typed response to the following questions.

1. Identify and describe at least three “needs” you have that could be satisfied for you through the use of 3D printing.
(Remember Function – what it does and Form – how it looks matter!) Make sure you identify each possible need before you describe it.

2. What is your proposed solution to this need? In other words, of the three needs you described previously, which “need” best fits the parameters of your 3D printing problem? Describe the solution and why you chose it for this specific 3D printing project.

    • You were given several parameters and/or limitations that should have helped you decide what you were going to actually design. Using the critical thinking process, what did you have to consider?

3. After you have designed your 3D item to fit the 


, submit the following through the Submit link at the same time (Add another file):

  • your .STL file with your 3D design.
  • your Word document file that answers questions 1 and 2.