20th Century American Research Projects     

20th Century American Research Projects       

The early 20th century was a time defined by social, cultural, economic and political upheaval, and the United States became a focal point for much of it, as many of our citizens and customs attained global notoriety.  Our country’s cultural icons, persons and phenomena, of the early 20th century, helped reshape the world following two global wars, which devastated much of Europe, leaving the US as the prominent player for many decades, even during the Great Depression.  Most of the people are well known not only for their contributions to our society or culture but also for sometimes controversial, or at least very public, lifestyle or renown.  Your job is to find out information about one personality or historical occurrence and focus on a particular aspect of this person’s life or the national and international significance of the event.

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20th Century American Research Projects     
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This is a research assignment, so you will be graded on the form and function of the essay as much as the content. Also you must create a visual/written presentation with a critical response or reflection on your person or event.  You will have both a written report and visual presentation for the class that should be several minutes in length and cover the genre for which this person is most known or the political/social contribution he/she was involved.  Your focus should be on how this person affected his/her chosen field and thus influenced the country as a whole.  You will receive a rubric for both report and presentation, which MUST be recorded, once the research process has begun.  You will be assigned your project topic via random drawing; you may only choose from those remaining if you choose not to research your first topic.   Every aspect of the project must be complete by



This research project focuses as much on form as on content.  The research process is important.  The requirements for the

RESEARCH project are as follows:

  • FORMAT: Must be 1) AT LEAST THREE (3), FULL, typed pages, 12-point font (TNR) or less, double spaced, one inch margins, with 2) a formal header in the upper left hand corner of 1st page, 3) numbered pages with last name header in upper right hand of EVERY page 4) Works Cited page and Formal Outline, with all 5) accompanying notes/rough draft/editing/revising work.  You must also share or send teacher a copy that can be edited and copy loaded into Turnitin.
  • Must be free from spelling, grammatical and structural errors.  Be sure to proofread before you submit the final copy.  Each grammatical error is worth one point, including using the word “you” (1 pt. off for each even past allotted on rubric).

The essay should focus on the particular aspects of your topic’s life (if you have a person) and/or accomplishments that have made him/her noteworthy—not a birth to death biography—and include a well defined thesis to “prove” and focus of your paper and research.

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