2-D art (painting, photography, or prints)

Choose two works of 2-D art (painting, photography, or prints) and write an essay with a thesis based on comparing and contrasting the artworks.

Paper details:

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2-D art (painting, photography, or prints)
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This is for Humanity class paper.
The essay should be 700-800 words long.
Here is the ruburic that you should follow in order to get an A.
Argument: The essay includes a thesis or organizing idea based on at least one significant similarity AND one significant difference. The thesis accurately explains the similarities and differences observed.
Comparison: The similarities and differences chosen help illuminate a significant point relating to subject, style, or function. The essay clearly describes similarities and differences between the works of art.
Visual analysis: The essay uses at least two good visual points to support its thesis.
Structure and style: The essay has an introduction, body and conclusion. Few or no grammar or spelling errors.