1 Hour of Active Play or Physical Activity a Day

 An hour of active play might seem like a lot but you don’t have to do it all at one time. Try being active for 10–15 minutes several times each day.

 What were your favorite active games when you were a child? They might seem old school to you but they’ll be new to your child. Try one today.

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1 Hour of Active Play or Physical Activity a Day
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 Rain or bad weather has you stuck in the house? Don’t let it keep you and your child from being active together. Try one of these fun activities:

o Have an indoor parade. o Set up a scavenger hunt inside. o Start your own indoor Olympics—who can jump on one foot the

longest or do the most sit ups?

0 Sugary Drinks a Day

 Serve milk with meals and offer water at snack time.

 Let your child pick their favorite “big kid” cup to use for water.

 Think plain water is too boring? Try adding a fruit slice (like orange) for natural flavor.

 Avoid buying juice—if it’s not in the house, no one can drink it.

 If you’re still trying to cut sugary drinks down to zero, keep up the great work! Young children should never have soda pop or sports drinks but if you choose to give juice, please remember:

o make sure the label says 100 percent fruit juice. o limit the amount to one small cup a day (4-6 ounces if you

measure it out).